Pink Shirt Day Recap

Thank you to everyone who took part in Pink Shirt Day celebrations.

Pink Shirt Day celebrations have come and gone once again! 

Thank everyone who showed their support by wearing pink, buying the charity cupcakes and entering the Pink Scavenger Hunt on the day. 

Congratulations to the DSU Demons for taking out 1st prize in the Pink Scavenger Hunt. With nine teams in total taking part, DSU won by one item, beating Medi-Cool Supplies at the pip with 12 items found in the hunt. 

We hope you have fun; see you for the next scavenger hunt. 

Pink Scavenger Hunt + others — Image by: Adele Tregoning

Our fundraising has been matched by Mission with a total of $290 raised for Pink Shirt Day with all funds going to the Mental Health Foundation. 

Finally, a reminder to please complete the Bullying and Workplace Violence learning module in Tautoko. If you haven't started the module or you're part way through it, you will have the next 4 weeks to complete it. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported Pink Shirt Day, see you next year.

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