Payroll Processing for December 2022/January 2023

Due to the hospital closure over the Christmas/ New Year period, the following payroll timeframes apply:

Timesheets need to be submitted by all staff, including staff who will be on leave when the timesheets are due.

  • Timesheet approvers need to advise any adjustments for differences between actual hours versus expected hours via email to Payroll Enquiries by Tuesday 24 January 2023.

We appreciate your cooperation as this helps us ensure all staff are correctly paid over the Christmas - New Year period. 

Please contact Sandra if you have any queries concerning the timesheet arrangements.

Appendix – Timefiler configuration for Hospital Closure

1. Timefiler calendar and how to record time worked

The Timefiler calendar reflects the period Friday 23 December 2022 to Thursday 19 January 2023 as a Hospital Closure period. The calendar reflects the following days as Public Holidays:

  • Christmas Day - Sunday 25 December
  • Boxing Day - Monday 26 December
  • ‘Tuesdayised’ Christmas Day – Tueday 27 December
  • New Year's Day - Sunday 1 January
  • Day following New Year's Day - Monday 2 January
  • ‘Tuesdayised’ New Year's Day – Tuesday 3 January

Reflecting time worked during the hospital closure period

The majority of staff will be on Annual Leave across the Hospital Closure period. Provided the Type field is left blank, Timefiler will reflect any hours entered for the Hospital Closure period as either Leave taken or “Public Holiday (not worked)”.

Staff who work during the Hospital Closure (e.g. staff working in Mercy Cancer Care before the hospital has reopened) need to select a Type of either:

  • “Worked on close down day”, or
  • if appropriate, “Public Holiday worked”

for the relevant timesheet entries.

2. How should I record only a part shift worked during the Hospital Closure?

If you normally work an 8-hour shift but only work for 4 hours and have the rest as leave then:

  • Reflect 2 lines for the day in question; 1st line showing 4 hours with Type = “Worked on close down day” and 2nd line showing 4 hours with Type left blank (the 2nd line will then reflect as Leave taken).
  • The exception is when the time is worked on a Public Holiday. For this case just reflect 1 line for the day showing 4 hours with Type = “Public Holiday worked”. Timefiler will allow for the relevant Public Holiday allowances.

3. What is the order used for Leave taken during the Hospital Closure?

The HR Guidelines, Section 1 – Conditions, has a section on ‘Requests for Planned Leave’.

The Timefiler system automatically reflects Leave taken in the following order:

  • Alternative holidays (e.g. earned when a Public Holiday was previously worked)
  • Accrued time-in-lieu
  • Outstanding annual leave
  • Accrued annual leave
  • Leave without pay

For example, if you have Accrued time-in-lieu then this will be used prior to Annual Leave.

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