Pink Shirt Day at Mercy

A reminder that on Friday 19 May 2023, Mercy will be celebrating Pink Shirt Day. By taking part, we will be helping to stamp out bullying by celebrating and promoting kindness.

Activities for Pink Shirt Day

Following staff feedback, on-line learning modules will be available via Tautoko. 

Information about Pink Shirt Day and anti-bullying will also be available in tea rooms and we encourage you all to familiarise yourselves with our Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy and associated documents on SharePoint. 

As we've done in previous years, we encourage you all to wear pink on the 19th. You can either wear an official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt or anything pink on the day. 

You are able to purchase an official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt from Cotton On for $25. All proceeds from t-shirt sales go directly to the Mental Health Foundation.

Pink Scavenger Hunt

This year, we will be holding a Pink Scavenger Hunt to do something fun on the day. The scavenger hunt will start at 2pm on Pink Shirt Day (19th) and there will be a number of pink items for teams to find located in non-patient areas. 

If you'd like to join the scavenger hunt and be in the running to win 1st prize, please:

If you can't attend the scavenger hunt, we encourage you to bring a plate to share with your team on the day. Your plate of food can be anything pink, foods that are significant in your culture, family, something you find comforting to eat, makes you happy or is meaningful to you in some way. 


We will be fundraising for Pink Shirt Day. All funds raised will go directly to the Mental Health Foundation so please keep an eye out on the day for this. 

If you'd like to donate, please use the QR Code below:

Image by: Adele Tregoning

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