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No waiting

We understand that every day you wait for the next step in your treatment can feel like a lifetime. When you come to see us, progress will be swift.

Comprehensive Treatments

Being diagnosed with a cancer is a significant event in your life. You will be advised about, and can receive, the full range of treatment options for your cancer – including those not available within the public sector.


In your time of need you can be reassured that you will have direct access to our team of experienced health professionals, when you need them.

World Class Professionals

Our Medical and Nursing team are highly experienced and have worked at major cancer centres across the globe. You can be confident in the skills and abilities of our team.


We will work closely with a full range of cancer service providers, in both the public and private sectors, in Dunedin and across New Zealand, to ensure that your care is seamless wherever you need it and whoever provides it.