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About Breast Surgery

Mercy Hospital is a not-for-profit surgical hospital committed to delivering 'exceptional care that makes a difference' to Otago and Southland residents. Independent specialists provide a full range of care for all types of breast surgery, including assessment of symptoms, diagnosis and surgical management of breast cancer and pre-cancerous disease; reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. They provide a coordinated service from point of diagnosis, to surgery and post treatment follow-up. This surgical service is provided at our facility by the following medical specialists. For further information please seek a referral through your GP or contact your preferred specialist directly.


Mr Michael Landmann
Mr Michael Landmann
General & Breast Surgeon
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Mr Graeme Millar
General and Breast Surgeon
Mr Patrick Lyall
Mr Patrick Lyall
Plastic Surgeon
Mr Will McMillan
Mr Will McMillan
Plastic Surgeon
Dr Rebecca Ayers
Dr Rebecca Ayers
Plastic and Hand Surgeon

Procedures / Treatments


Simple or Total: all breast tissue, skin and the nipple are surgically removed but the muscles lying under the breast and the lymph nodes are left in place.

Modified Radical: all breast tissue, skin and the nipple as well as some lymph tissue are surgically removed.

Partial: the breast lump and a portion of other breast tissue (up to one quarter of the breast) as well as lymph tissue are surgically removed.

Lumpectomy: the breast lump and surrounding tissue, as well as some lymph tissue, are surgically removed. When combined with radiation treatment, this is known as breast-conserving surgery.

Breast Biopsy

Open Excisional: a small incision (cut) is made as close as possible to the lump and the lump, together with a surrounding margin of tissue, is removed for examination. If the lump is large, only a portion of it may be removed.

Fine Needle Aspiration and Core Needle Biopsy: both these procedures involve inserting a needle through your skin into the breast lump and removing a sample of tissue for examination.

Breast Reconstruction

A silicone sack filled with either silicone gel or saline (salt water) is inserted underneath your chest muscle and skin. Before being inserted, the skin will sometimes need to be stretched to the required breast size. This is done by placing an empty bag where the implant will finally go, and gradually filling it with saline over weeks or months. The bag is then replaced by the implant in another operation.


Personalised advice and surgical treatment is available to adjust breast asymmetry or help with breast reduction or augmentation.

Male Breast Issues

Male breast cancer is uncommon, however symptoms in males require assessment and sometimes treatment. Personalised advice and treatment (excision or liposuction) for gynaecomastia and asymmetry is also offered.

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