Professional Development

Where might a career at Mercy Hospital take you?

At Mercy Hospital we work with our staff to maximise professional development opportunities. On top of an active training calendar supported by our onsite clinical educators, Mercy Hospital offers opportunities for NZQA certificates, involvement in quality projects, leadership training, opportunities to attend conferences, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate study support to encourage professional growth. Other opportunities include:

NetP Programme

The NetP programme aims to ease and assist more nurses into the workforce. Mercy Hospital offers the NetP Programme via the Otago Polytechnic ACE programme. Mercy has an annual intake of new entrant nurses through this programme and supports them with a tailored training programme, comprised of 12 fully-funded study days and onsite senior nurse support.

RNAA Support

The RNAA (Registered Nurse Anaesthetic Assistant) programme is aimed at registered nurses seeking opportunities to extend their scope of practice and work alongside an anaesthetist. Mercy Hospital offers all relevant training and support to nurses seeking the opportunity to extend in this area.

Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP)

Mercy Hospital actively promotes nurse involvement in the national Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP) which recognises the contribution nurses make to exceptional patient care. Nurses at Mercy Hospital are expected to maintain their portfolio throughout their tenure and are encouraged and rewarded to pursue level 3 and beyond portfolios.

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