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Mercy Heart Centre

The Mercy Heart Centre was opened in July 2004 to provide the people of the lower South Island with specialist cardiology services. Up until that time the Dunedin Heart Unit public facilities were the only source of cardiac angiography and intervention in the lower South. Building on the experienced clinicians who work in the Dunedin Heart Unit, this state of the art facility, in combination with private cardiac surgery provides the breadth of cardiac and vascular care through the Mercy Hospital facilities.

Specialist consultant Cardiologists including those specialised in angioplasty, stenting and pacing work with highly skilled Cath Lab Nurses and Radiographers, all with many years of experience.

The Heart Centre was established with the expectation that the highest possible standards of health care for cardiac problems would be provided. Experienced, friendly Administrative staff arrange admission bookings and assist with administrative tasks associated with private health insurance. Patients enter the Mercy Heart Centre for procedures through the newly developed Day Surgery Unit and from there taken to the spacious modern cardiac catheterisation facility.

Procedures are performed in a minimally invasive way, often nowadays through the wrist arteries. This frequently leads to rapid mobilisation and discharge in the same day. A range of angiographic procedures including coronary, carotid, renal and other areas are imaged in the facility and interventions including coronary interventions and pacing are provided. A highly experienced team performs and supervises procedures.

The Mercy Heart Centre is an Affiliated Provider of Southern Cross Healthcare which means cost certainty and much less paperwork for Southern Cross members. All other New Zealand health insurers cover procedures performed in the centre, although individual arrangements with each insurance company are required.