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Achieved Patient Benefits from Past Grants


A profile of the Dr Marjorie Barclay Trust and the benefits Mercy patients enjoy from the generous donations from the Trust is available here.

Ruth Marjorie Cruikshank Barclay

Was born at Waimate and qualified MBCHB.(NZ) in 1923. She was one of the first women to gain this qualification in New Zealand.

Dr. Marjorie Barclay specialised in diagnostic radiology having received the D.R. from Edinburgh University in 1927. In 1931 she was appointed diagnostic radiologist to Otago Hospital Board and was the first such appointment. She lectured on this subject at the Otago School of Medicine and was sole radiologist for 11 years.

Then she resigned to go into private practice. Doctor Marjorie Barclay died in 1978 and she left her modest estate to name Otago charities.


Mercy Hospital is grateful to share annually in this generous bequest. Trustees resident in Wellington ably administer this Trust.