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Cultural Commitment

Mercy Hospital is committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and works in partnership with Ngai Tahu through the Otakou Runaka. We value our relationship and friendship with this iwi and appreciate working with Hine Forsyth, our mandated representative, to ensure we are responsive to the cultural rites, needs and interests of everyone in our hospital.

Through our relationship with the Otakou Runaka we ensure that:

  • We are responsive to needs of patients and their families through the provision of safe and sensitive care and the facilitation of translation services as they are required.

    • Patients self identify their cultural identity on the Admission Form.

    • Patient translation services are usually arranged by the Consultant prior to admission but we are responsive to needs as they arise. The Admission Form provides a section where special needs, such as translation services, can be identified.  If you require assistance in arranging these please see the Cultural Policy (below) or contact Mercy Hospital Reception on (03) 464 0107.

  • We are aware of the general and specific needs of patients and their families through in-service education for all staff and the availability of cultural consultants as required. All staff:

    • complete a cultural induction workbook, which includes details of tikaka – best practice guidelines;

    • have a meeting with the mandated representative as part of their orientation.

    • are provided with a cultural update every two years as part of on-going staff development

    • are encouraged to complete the Beginners Workshop and Intermediate Course as part of their ongoing education.

  • We celebrate key events in the hospital with the support of our kaumatua and mandated representative who provide the richness of a bi-cultural experience.

  • We benefit from the input on key hospital committees by our mandated representative who facilitates discussion and focus on cultural issues and needs.

Refer here to Mercy Hospital's Cultural policy.

Cultural Policy(PDF) 230 KB

Hine Forsyth

Mandated Representative, Otakou Runaka.


Mercy Commitment

We are attentive to the varying needs of people from differing background and beliefs and aspire to provide compassionate and sensitive care to all. We are committed to ensuring a culturally and spiritually safe environment for both patients and staff.