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Below 10,000

A non-negotiable focus for Mercy is that of patient safety. Our shared purpose reflects our service delivery focus of “providing exceptional care that makes a difference.”

Mercy Hospital has a vast array of initiatives focussing on the delivery of safe services to our patients (and our staff). A new initiative “Below 10,000” recently came from within our theatre team, ably led by Ashley Kirk. This initiative is based on the aviation industry, where at times of high risk: taking off, landing or crashing, the total focus of the crew is secured for at these critical times.

Mercy’s interpretation of “Below 10,000”, is ‘a call’ that can be made by anyone within the theatre, when total silence and attention is required. The Theatre team collectively has embraced the opportunity to roll out this initiative, showcasing it by way of the following video clip.

Thank you to the team behind our Below 10,000 initiative for having the conviction, passion and energy to enhance Mercy’s focus and delivery of patient safety.