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Burwood Avenue Car Park Development - April 2018 Update

The Burwood Avenue Car Park Redevelopment is well under way.  This project will double the capacity of the car park, addressing parking capacity issues we had begun to experience at the Mercy Campus.  I am confident that this project, when completed in late July 2018, will provide long-term benefits for our patients and visitors, and for the neighbourhood.  Please see artist’s impressions of the car park below.


Burwood Avenue Car Park 

Burwood Avenue Carpark Development Perspective 3

This project by nature is disruptive to all Mercy Hospital Campus users and the neighbourhood. 

  • The following actions are being taken to maximise patient convenience and to reduce demand for street parking and resultant street congestion, with a view to minimising impact on our neighbours:
  • Sending out letters/emails to all Hospital and Clinic patients for this period explaining that there is dramatically reduced parking and strongly recommending that they taxi or are dropped off for appointments;
  • Employing parking officers to work on campus, directing traffic to maximise the usage of the parking we do have – they are onsite 7am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday;
  • Notification and updates on website;
  • Maintaining extra drop off/taxi parks near our front door;
  • Encouraging local staff to walk/bike/car pool to work if possible;
  • Providing substantial off-site parking for hospital and clinic staff at Kaikorai Rugby Club and actively encouraging them to take up this option;
  • Putting on hold large meetings/conferences/education events on site for the duration;
  • Giving a strong road safety message in all our communications to staff, clinics and patients.


I sincerely apologise for the inevitable disruption this project is causing to Hospital and Clinic patients, and to our neighbours.  We look forward to the successful completion of the new car park.

Updates and alerts are circulated regularly to neighbours and to patients, and we are always happy to discuss any issues or queries you may have – please see contact details below.


Richard Whitney, Chief Executive Officer

Jackie Wilde, Support Services Manager

Phone: (03) 464 0107