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Mission and Charitable Outreach

Mercy Hospital is a not-for-profit organisation which has a strong commitment to providing charitable outreach that is in responsiveness to the needs of the wider community. The health, education and welfare needs of the underserved in our society are of particular concern. All funding allocations are overseen by the Charitable Outreach Committee and consistency with our Mercy Heritage and Catholic Tradition is ensured.

Surgical Outreach

Surgical fees relief is a key focus of our charitable outreach. Our aim is to assist people whose quality of life would be improved by surgery, but who lack the financial capacity and do not qualify for timely intervention within the public hospital system. Usually the applicant or their family make a contribution towards the cost of the surgery at Mercy Hospital and Charitable Outreach supports this through provision of additional funds. Application is usually made by the patient’s Consultant who has the forms available.

For further information please contact the Mission Coordinator Mercy Hospital

Within surgical outreach there continues to be an emphasis on Ear, Nose, Throat procedures (54%) especially for children requiring grommets. Cataracts for the elderly is also prioritised.

Surgical Outreach Vignettes (Real names are not used)

Marc’s parents were struggling to cope with the lack of sleep, the endless treks to the Doctor and time off work as a result of constant problems with Marc’s ears. At 3 years old his speech development was slow and there were constant bouts of ear infections needing antibiotics. He desperately needed grommets. The sound of relief in Marc’s parents’ voices when they learned he was successful in his application brought tears to my eyes. They are extremely grateful for the support.

A solo mum without a job had an 18 year old son who needed his wisdom teeth taken out. The surgeon recommended the Surgical Outreach. Having no resources to pay for the surgery, Mercy Hospital’s Surgical Outreach was a lifeline for John and his mother.

I am a 32 year old mother of three children who are all under 5 years of age. I also work part time. Unfortunately I have had recurrent tonsillitis requiring multiple courses of antibiotics and time off work. Your support to allow me to have this surgery in a very short space of time under the excellent care of the team at Mercy has meant so much to our family. I can now look forward to the rest of the winter with no more tonsillitis which means I'll have more energy and time to enjoy with my family. With huge thanks and appreciation from our entire family from a very grateful recipient.

Charitable Outreach Partners

Local health and welfare needs are supported through financial support given to other not-for-profit organisations such as Otago Community Hospice and Dunedin Night Shelter. The Charitable Outreach Committee ensures that a wide range is covered and funding is provided to health and welfare agencies of different denominational groups. Decisions are informed by the corporal and spiritual works of Mercy. Financial support offered enables not-for-profit organisations to continue providing vital programmes for underserved communities, largely in the Otago/Southland area.


If you wish to support the Charitable Outreach programme at Mercy Hospital; please contact the Mission Coordinator