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The Environment and Us

In keeping with our tradition and ethos we have a particular interest in caring for our world and a special concern for the environment in which we all live and work.  In addition to using resources carefully and thoughtfully, we aim to conserve our natural resources. 

Your Meals

We are very conscious of every aspect of your wellbeing.  If you have any likes, dislikes, Allergies with food please let us know via your Admission Form and highlight to the Mercy staff member admitting you.

As organic produce contains more minerals, such as iron and magnesium, than non-organic produce, and higher levels of antioxidants we try to purchase 100% Organic Meat and Vegetables where ever possible.

We also have our own Potager Garden onsite full of 100% organically grown Herbs and Vegetables which are utilised as much as possible in the meals. 

Natural Resources

We focus our attention on preserving our natural resources wherever possible.  This includes using re-usable products as these are preferred to disposable items.  When disposable items are used, attention is paid to their level of biodegradability or the ability to recycle in a green manner.

Monitoring of Natural Resources such as energy and water are being constantly undertaken and improvements are being made continuously.

 Waste Disposal

 This is an important aspect of our care for the environment and when ever possible recyclables are used.  Hazardous waste is given careful attention and thoughtful consideration is given to the disposal of all other waste.  If chemicals are a requirement the least toxic option is often taken.