'Outstanding Achievement' for Mercy in recent audit


Mercy Hospital Dunedin has received its formal report from the DAA Group for its EQuIP6 organisation wide survey carried out in July, and the results are outstanding!

In the report, auditors acknowledge 'Mercy's total focus on delivery of high quality services and this has been sustained over many years.'

EQuIP (Evaluation and Quality Improvement Programme) is a voluntary accreditation programme aimed at health care organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Health care providers are assessed against standard criteria, with each criterion awarded one of five rating levels:
- Little achievement (LA)
- Some achievement (SA)
- Marked achievement (MA)
- Extensive achievement (EA)
- Outstanding achievement (OA)

Out of the 47 criteria that Mercy was assessed against, 22 were rated at Marked Achievement, 24 at Extensive Achievement and one at Outstanding Achievement. 

'Awarding an OA rating is not undertaken lightly by our auditors. Certain criteria must be met, including that the organisation needs to demonstrate that it is a peer leader in systems and outcomes. Our audit team have found that this is the case for Mercy Hospital Dunedin in the area of quality improvement systems - this is a wonderful achievement and one of which I know you will be very proud,' commented the auditors. 

In the report, the auditors also acknowledge Mercy's commitment to mission work and its community.

'One aspect of quality in which Mercy Hospital further stands out is in its mission work where community projects are supported.'

'Mercy is commended for its significant contribution to the primary care community in actively promoting and supporting ... opportunities to improve patient care. The organisation shows distinction in its health promotion and its commitment to patient centred innovations.'

Mercy Hospital CEO Richard Whitney says the report is a reflection of the commitment to exceptional care demonstrated by the entire Mercy whanau - staff, specialists and allied health services. 

Mercy has participated in the EQuIP accreditation programme since 2009.

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