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Health Care Providers

Consultants are separately engaged by the patient to provide Specialist Medical, Surgical and Anaesthetic services.

Additional allied health services e.g. physiotherapist, dietician, pharmacist are available as required.

Breast Care Nurse

Mary Grant is Mercy Hospital's Breast Care Nurse.

An experienced Registered Nurse with many years caring for patients’ pre and post operatively, Mary is very aware that the prospect of undergoing surgery can cause a degree of anxiety. As Mercy's Breast Care Nurse, Mary aims to provide information, support, and education to women undergoing breast surgery at Mercy Hospital.

Mary is very happy to talk with you prior to your procedure, to provide support during your stay in Mercy, and also following discharge.

Her designated Breast Care day is each Wednesday from 8.30am until 5pm.

If you have any worries, concerns, or questions regarding your impending surgery and hospital stay please feel free to call on (03) 464 0107 and ask for the Breast Care Nurse. If the phone is unattended then please leave a message, and your contact phone number, and your call will be returned.

Clinical Tissue

Every patient has the right to make a decision about the return or disposal of any clinical tissue and/or body parts removed or obtained in the course of a health care procedure.  Should you wish to have any of your tissue and/or body parts returned to you following surgery, please discuss this with your Surgeon prior to your admission. In addition please ensure any request relating to your body tissue is discussed with the nursing staff when you are admitted.

Safe Handling

We have created an environment where staff are trained, equipped and supported to manage moving patients in a way that reduces the risk of injury to themselves and protects the health and safety of patients. 




Smoke Free

The buildings and grounds associated with Mercy Hospital are Smoke Free. 

Nursing staff are trained to support smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy is available if a patient chooses to stop smoking before or after surgery. Please feel free to discuss any issues you may have regarding smoking with the staff who are caring for you.

Some surgeons will require patients to stop smoking prior to admission. If you are unable to comply, your surgery may be cancelled.

The buildings associated with Mercy Hospital are all Smoke Free. Nursing staff actively discourage patient’s smoking during their inpatient stay, and any patient leaving the ward to smoke outside, does so at their own risk. A staff member must be informed prior to any patient leaving the ward.


Friends and Whanau are welcome to use the chapel located on the ground floor. A pastoral care team is available. All ministers of religion are welcome at Mercy Hospital.

Additional Services

Radio, television (including Sky TV) and a daily newspaper are complimentary.

Telephone - There is a phone available by each patients bed for you to make and receive calls.  Mobile phones may be used in all areas of the hospital EXCEPT for the operating theatre, intensive care units, or any area specifically designated for cardiac services. The phone by your bed has a direct extension number displayed.  Family and friends are welcome to call you using this direct dial number by phoning Mercy Hospital and dialling the extension number when prompted.

Car Parking

Free short term on site car parking is available within the grounds of Mercy Hospital. 

Manaaki by Mercy patients are encouraged to ask their whanau / family member to utilise the five minute carparks adjacent to the entrance. These are to assist drop off and pick up needs only.

Day surgery patients and patients who stay overnight should not drive themselves home after discharge.

Please note that Mercy Hospital accepts no responsibility for car security.

External Services & Facilities

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