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Children at Mercy

Please ensure your child brings any special items e.g. bottle, nappies, favourite toy.


Children must be observed to ensure they do not eat or drink for 4 hours before their arrival at the hospital or as advised by the Surgeon or Anaesthetist.

If a child does eat or drink anything, please inform the nursing staff immediately.


Your child needs to bring with them:

  • Own PJs if staying over night
  • A special toy, blanket or book
  • Own toiletries (including nappies if needed)
  • Any inhalers or regularly used medications
  • Bottles, formula or drinking cup if required

Most children are admitted to Mercy Hospital through the Day Surgery Unit (DSU).

From there your child will be taken to Theatre. Parents may accompany their child into the Operating Theatre and remain with him/her until he/she is asleep.

Following surgery your child will be returned to Day Surgery Unit (if a day stay patient) or to McAuley Ward (if a stay over patient).

Accommodation for Parent/Guardian

Parent Accommodation in a recliner chair is complimentary for one parent when a child aged 12 or under is required to stay overnight. For children aged 13 years and over, a fee will be charged for a parent who requests to stay overnight. Please note that to comply with fire safety regulations and to ensure patient safety we are not able to accommodate a parent in a bed unless a double room is available. All parent meals incur an additional cost

Visiting Hours

Parents/whanau are welcome to visit their child at any time.

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