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Health Information Privacy

Collection of Health Information

Health information is collected for your care and treatment. Usually it will be collected directly from you, but if this is not possible/practical it may be collected from another person and then checked with you as soon as possible.

It is important that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date in order to provide a safe standard of care during your stay in hospital. You may choose to provide additional information which may help in providing context to your current hospitalisation.

Security of your information

Your information will be stored securely by Mercy Hospital. Only authorised staff of Mercy Hospital will be able to access your information.

It is normal practice to give necessary and relevant information about you to your GP and/or referring practitioner. Other health professionals and relevant community agencies may be provided with information in order to deliver appropriate health services. If you do not wish this to happen, please make staff aware.

In most cases we would require your consent before we would release information about you to somebody else.   In certain situations however, we are compelled by law to release information (Police search warrant, or children at risk). In specific circumstances our Ethics Committee approves release of information (e.g. for statistical purposes, audits and research).  Approval is given to use this information on the proviso that there is no identifying data published. Please make staff caring for you aware if you have any concerns/queries regarding this.

Access to your information

You can request access to your information and may request correction of it if necessary.

To access your file please speak to your nurse. You will be asked to complete and sign a release form, a copy of which is retained in your file.

When you are admitted to Mercy Hospital, it is our usual practice to ask the names of those people to whom we may give information if they enquire. If a person other than one you have nominated, contacts the hospital to ask about you, they will be told they are unable to give them any information.

Who to contact about a privacy issue

If you have a concern relating to a privacy issue please contact the Mercy Hospital Privacy Officer. If you feel the issue has not been addressed to your satisfaction following that conversation, we encourage you to contact the Privacy Commission on their freephone number 0800 803 909 or through their web site: