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Mercy is proud to be the first hospital in New Zealand to offer room service. Mercy endeavours to be a market leader in terms of patient care and we believe that food is a vital part of recovery after surgery, and a significant factor in ensuring a positive patient experience.

Mercy Room Service gives patients the flexibility to choose from an extensive range of delicious and nourishing options on a restaurant style menu, anytime between 7:00am – 7:00pm.  Locally sourced ingredients and fresh produce from the Mercy vegetable garden are used to create the wide range of meals on offer.

‘Ward Hosts’ use tablets to take orders, and the ordering software incorporates dietary information for each individual patient, ensuring any special requirements or restrictions are taken into account.  Having made to order meals allows greater flexibility for diet changes or fluctuations in appetite after surgery.

Our room service implementation has been aided by the generosity of the Dr Marjorie Barclay Trust.  Thanks also to our sister hospital, Mater in Brisbane, for their support and guidance during this change.

Download the Mercy Hospital Room Service Menu here

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