Mr Ahmad Taha

Neurosurgeon. MD 1994 Damascus; FRCS(N) 2006; CCT (UK) (Neuro) 2007
Mr Ahmad Taha



  • Tumours benign and malignant
  • Vascular
  • CSF work
  • Trauma
  • Pituitary
  • Pain: cranial nerves decompression like Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Cranio-vertebral decompression for Chiari condition


  • Traumatic diseases including discectomies and fixation with minimally invasive techniques.
  • Degenerative spinal diseases with conservative and surgical management including keyhole and open techniques including decompression or fusion or both.
  • Tumours and vascular lesions.
  • Infection

Peripheral nerves surgery.


MD 1994 Damascus; FRCS(N) 2006; CCT (UK) (Neuro) 2007

Vocational Scope


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