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The assessment and treatment of breast disease regularly requires the interaction of medical professionals from many disciplines. Otago is fortunate to have excellent resources, with comprehensive breast radiology, pathology and treatment providers, for assessing and managing breast problems.

Breast Care Otago provides an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach for patients. Clinical assessment can be offered at the Marinoto Clinic in Dunedin as well as at medical centres in Central Otago. Surgical procedures are usually performed at Mercy Hospital in Dunedin.

Urgent Assessment - To minimise the period of uncertainty, symptoms raising the possibility of a breast malignancy can be urgently investigated coordinating clinical, radiological and biopsy assessment.

Breast Cancer - Women diagnosed with breast cancer can be offered comprehensive care including:

  • Up-to-date surgical management including onco-plastic options for breast conservation and reconstruction and nodal assessment, including radio-isotope sentinel node biopsy.
  • Breast reconstruction (autogenous or implant methods), both immediate and delayed.
  • Multi-disciplinary discussion and coordination of adjuvant therapy.
  • Breast care nursing to aid women in learning the details, implications, support and management options for breast cancer, as well as support during treatment and follow-up.
  • Long-term surveillance with individualised clinical and imaging follow-up.


Benign Disease - Since most breast symptoms are benign in nature, the focus for work-up is to find an explanation for symptoms and make an accurate diagnosis that offers re-assurance when no surgical treatment is required. Breast pain and menopausal symptoms can significantly impair quality of life and advice and help may benefit many women.

Cosmetic - Personalised advice and surgical treatment are available to adjust breast asymmetry or help with breast reduction or augmentation.

Male Breast Issues - Male breast cancer is uncommon, however symptoms in males require assessment and sometimes treatment. Personalised advice and treatment (excision or liposuction) for gynaecomastia and asymmetry are also offered.


Michael Landmann, Breast & General Surgeon
Stephen Packer, Breast & General Surgeon
Patrick Lyall, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Glenys Mitchell, Breast Care Nurse

Contact Details

Breast Care Otago - Marinoto Clinic
72 Newington Ave
Dunedin 9010

Telephone: (03) 466 7010
Free phone: 0800 080 085
Fax: (03) 471 0892

Regular clinics are also held in Central Otago. Please contact the above numbers for further information or to schedule an appointment.