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Pacific Radiology


Pacific Radiology has its headquarters at the Marinoto Clinic and has branch practices serving communities throughout Otago and Southland. Some branches contract to local Community Hospital Trusts. Otago Radiology has been the supplier of Radiology Services to Mercy Hospital since 1988.

We are accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand which means we have a Quality Management System that meets international standards.


Marinoto Clinic

Telephone - (03) 467 6687
Telephone - 0800 505909
Fax – (03) 466 7971

Plain Xray
Special Xray and Barium Studies
Mammography – Diagnostic and Screening
Computed Tomography (CT)
Bone Mineral Density Analysis (DEXA)
Magnetic Resonange Imaging (MRI)


Clutha Health First, Balclutha

Telephone – (03) 419 0041

Plain Xray

Queenstown Medical Centre, Queenstown

Telephone - (03) 441 0575

Plain Xray

Gore Hospital, Gore

Telephone – (03) 209 3015

Plain Xray


Southland Radiology, Invercargill

Telephone - (03) 218 3593

Plain Xray
Mammography – Diagnostic and Screening
Bone Mineral Density Analysis (DEXA)



Dr Sally Chartres

Dr Sue Craw - Director

Dr Amy Fong

Dr James Fulton - Director

Dr Greg Harkness

Dr Gabriel Lau - Director

Dr Grant Miekle - Director

Dr Gillian Morris - Director

Dr Neil Morrison - Director

Dr Josie Parker - Director (Invercargill)

Dr Michael Reddy