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List by Specialist

Dr Mathew Ludgate
Mr Patrick Lyall
Dr Patrick Manning
Mr John A Matheson
Mr Gary McCoubrey
Mr Simon McMahon
Mr W McMillan
Mr Adel Mekhail
Mr Graeme Millar
Dr Logan Mitchell
Mr Richard O'Neill-Dean
Mr Stephen G K Packer
Dr Helen Paterson
Mr David Peart
Mr Ross A Pettigrew
Dr Barbara Richards
Mr Jeffrey Robinson
Mr Dean Ruske
Mr Jamie Ryan
Mr Kampta Samalia
Mr Paul Samson
Dr Martin Schlup
Associate Prof Michael Schultz
Dr Andrew Smith
Dr Mark D Smith
Dr Matthew Strack
Dr Everd Strauss
Mr Andrew Swan
Mr Ahmad Taha
Dr Peter Taylor
Dr Paul Templer
Dr Damon Thompson
Mr Mark Thompson-Fawcett
Mr Ian Thomson
Mr Darryl C Tong
Dr Casey Ung
Dr Pieter van Ammers
Dr Kate van Harselaar
Prof Andre M van Rij
Dr Gerard Wilkins
Dr Michael Williams
Prof Don Wilson
Dr Alan Wright
Dr Tim Wright
Dr Patricia Yelavich

Please be aware that when contacting specialists in private Marinoto Clinic Suites that phone calls are not transferrable between these facilities and Mercy Hospital nor Manaaki by Mercy.